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Trusted, Proven, Industry-Leading Support and Service

For over 20 years, Robert Allen and Steven Giordano have set the standard in the niche industry of "Transactional Flight Operations" (TFO). The Partners have built a legacy-solution for commercial aircraft lessors, airlines, and aircraft-asset managers to safely, efficiently, and reliably transport & flight-check heavy airliners around the globe. Today, the Nomadic Aviation Group employs a team of 12 full-time operations staff, over 30 highly experienced pilots, and facilitates over 300 aircraft movement operations per year. Though large in scale, Nomadic still treats every operation with personalized care and attention to detail, and Allen & Giordano continue to personally oversee every operation; still flying as many as possible themselves.

Our History

In 1999, Robert Allen founded Avia Crew Leasing, a pioneer in the ferry-flight industry, which was at the time, mainly comprised of individual contract pilots informally operating aircraft with limited 3rd party support. Allen had a vision of organizing the various processes into a single-point service provider. In 2014 Avia merged with Giordano's venture - Jet Test and Transport, and the two scaled a robust operation built upon our experience in this niche world of ferry-flying, but based upon Part 121 airline operating principles. We focussed on bringing the various planning and support elements in-house, hiring the very best support team, and building a roster of experienced crews. In 2021 the business was re-structured and re-branded into the Nomadic Aviation Group where we currently service most of the global commercial aircraft leasing industry. 

Our Philosophy

While most TFO providers operate like a "staffing agency" with a massive list of pilots with self-submitted credentials to call when a trip comes in, Nomadic crews are vetted, trained, and standardized to OMD operational procedures. The crews are hand picked by the Managing Partners, and every PIC has been qualified and evaluated to our rigorous standard. Many TFO providers also rely on 3rd party vendors for planning and supporting their operations, while Nomadic scrutinizes and micro-manages every variable by our experienced planning and dispatch team. We understand that our clients count on us to deliver for their own clients, and we operate EVERY trip like our entire 2-decade-long reputation depends on it - BECAUSE IT DOES!

A Global Business - A Global Footprint

In any given week, there are Nomadic flights taking place in virtually every time zone, across oceans, and into or out of all 6 inhabited continents. Even when we're not flying, we're planning future trips and preparing aircraft for their intended route. Global reach requires a global presence, so Nomadic's operations team is spread-out around the world with teams in Asia, Europe, and North America. Our central ops/planning team is located in Calgary AB Canada, we have 2 Project Managers located in Bangkok and Manila, and another full-time dispatcher in Malé Maldives. We have a European business entity (Nomadic Aviation Group Europe) based in Luxembourg which holds an EASA-Compliant NCC, and a core team of EASA crews based in Ireland. Our HQ is in Dover Delaware and have administrative, accounting, and project management staff on both U.S. Coasts. 

Our Clients & Services

The overwhelming majority of our clients are major commercial aircraft lessors based in the U.S., Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, & Dubai. These lessors range in size from having fleets of 5 to over 1,700 aircraft, so there is no shortage of activity at Nomadic. For our lessors, we typically provide aircraft delivery & re-delivery flights, returns, change-of-operator check flights, and repossessions. We also service several airline clients who retain us to reposition their aircraft into and out of heavy maintenance events and transition their aircraft into and out of their fleet. Nomadic is a highly versatile flightops provider and also undertakes special projects by providing short-term crews for military contractors, humanitarian missions, and even head-of-state/VIP operations. 

Nomadic Management Team


Robert Allen

Managing Partner
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Steve Giordano

Managing Partner
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Flight Operations


Wes Gardner

VP - Commercial
Project Manager - Asia-Pacific


Patrick Roa

Flight Test Manager
Project Manager - Asia-Pacific


Mark Knapp

General Manager
Nomadic Aviation Group Europe


Ed Fanning

Aircraft Technical & Engineering

Base Operations


Chris Fochuk

Operations, Planning,
and Logistics


Brianna Dittman

Flightops Administration


Mark Lawrence

Flight Planning & Dispatch


Mohamed Jinahali

Planning & Dispatch


Rachna Chhabra

Accounting & Finance

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