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Test Flight Operations

Test and demonstration flight operations are a big part of what we do. We accomplish a wide variety of test-ops missions including: Post-maintenance, post-conversion, Pre-buy, Acceptance/Delivery, Lease Return, Observations, Experimental Ops, and Certification/STC testing and Demonstration. Learn more below.

Experimental Aircraft

Post Conversion

Passenger-to-Freighter (PTF) or VIP

Nomadic performs dozens of post-conversion flight checks annually on most current PTF platforms: B737-CL/NG, B757, B767, A320/21 and B777 PTF 

Acceptance / Return

Demo or Observer Services

Nomadic can represent either party (Lessor or Lessee) in conducting technical acceptance flights using manufacturer, company, or our own check criteria. We are adept at identifying problems and narrowing down the root cause. We can also provide an observer to act as a neutral 3rd party during a contractually mandated operator demo.


Certification / STC

Flight Test Services

From Major Modifications like PTF or VIP conversions to EFIS, ADS-B, or Flat Panel avionics upgrades, Nomadic has the experience to develop and execute in the structured test flight environment. We've handled complex tasks like arial oil-spill dispersant system tests and analogue to digital flight guidance transitions. Our flight testing team has unparalleled experience with Operational Flight Test.

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